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SMS  stands for short message service. Mobile SMS means you get message by banks , e-tickets sms from irctc, and other work related connected with mobile. You can use this service to send single or Group SMS to any mobile phone in India.

Mobile messaging and Internet access will continue to account for over 85% of mobile data revenues by 2016. An SMS is the most popular way of text messaging with using cell or without using cell phone and a technology or service which offering sms transfer, transforming text messages to multiple networks, allowing broadcast or receipt of text messages with or without use of mobile phone.

Many benefits from mobile sms:

  • Easy to work with – SMS marketing is easy and low expensive than the same web-based marketing content. Businesses are able to easily track user response to SMS marketing and make changes to the advertising campaign, as and when necessary. Despite the increase in mobile applications, SMS remains one of the simplest and most effective methods of mobile marketing.
  • SMS is decent –Always, you should write decent  which user could read carefully and attentive. Because, every person want to decent sms that they become happy to read your sms. Therefore , we should use always decent sms.


  • Easy to share – While it’s not always easy or possible to share content from a mobile app, SMS messages can be easily forwarded. If SMS marketing recipients share the message with friends and family, then companies gain further exposure without any extra time or effort.
  • SMS delivers a target audience – Businesses already know that their audience wants to hear from them. Information from Mobile can be used to learn more about the recipients and target the messages accordingly. From there, the businesses can use this information to engage mobile users and encourage them to continue to receive messages on their mobile phones.
  • SMS plays well with others – SMS marketing is an easy extension of branding and marketing already in progress. It can complement a company’s existing messaging channels, including print and direct mail, email, radio, and web.SMS marketing has become the most effective tool for companies to issue promotions, contests, and marketing incentives while increasing customer faith.


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