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What is Page Rank?

(article by: Zoran Makrevski)

Page Rank is a probability distribution used to represent the likelihood that a person randomly clicking on links will arrive at any particular page. Page Rank can be calculated for collections of documents of any size. It is assumed in several research papers that the distribution is evenly divided among all documents in the collection at the beginning of the computational process.


You can get top page rank in Google by some activities are below:

1. Unique content-Content is the king of Seo to the website. The unique content gives the best results in Google.
2.  Meta Tag –Three tags in SEO web page.

(a)    Title Tag:Title tags are the most important on-page factor for SEO.

(b)   Description: Meta description is the second important on page for SEO.

(c)    Keywords: Keywords are important on page for SEO.

3.       Image Alt tag-Image alt tag is important on image for SEO which google crawls to image related keywords.

4.       Robots- Robots.txt is a text file webmasters create to instruct robots (typically search engine robots) how to crawl and index pages on their website.

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